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The Proposal

The Localement Bon Proposition

Localement Bon is a passionate project for enthusiasts. All our energy is now put to the service of local Producers and Distributors. The trust between our users and our producers is crucial. By accepting the Localement Bon Guidelines, here is what you agree to

The producer or distributor

1 - Undertake to be the manager and or the owner of the premises and of all products and other associated elements

2 - Offer unmodified, healthy products that respect the environment and the health of consumers

3 - Clearly publish the content of its products, their characteristics, their origins and their growth conditions

4 - Respect consumers and their expectations. Guaranteeing the quality of the various products in complete transparency

5 - Be available and ready to exchange and share with users in the event of questions or questions from their parties

6 - Ensure all the sanitary rules in force in terms of cold chain but also of conservation condition

7 - Support mutual aid between producers and users, help and support local production as much as possible

8 - Inform Localement Bon in case of non-compliance with the use of the platform and / or irresponsible behavior of certain users

Localement Bon

1 - Respect the online security of its producers and distributors and the sound safeguarding of all their information

2 - Being available quickly to meet the expectations of its producers / distributors but also users

3 - Propose the best possible interface and the best functionalities in adequacy with the site user

4 - Take into account as efficiently as possible all user feedback on Localement Bon

5 - Communicate transparently on the site's strategic decisions and trajectories

Localement Bon

Launched in 2020 by William and Matthew.

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