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You are a producer or producer

Localement Bon wants to facilitate the connection between you and the people in your area who wish to consume what you produce.

By adding your business to the network Localement Bon, you increase free visibility of your products on the Internet.

You need a feature that is not present on the application? Let's talk about it ! Contact us at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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You are or want to become a locavore

Find places of production and sales directly around you through our interactive map. You can even add new network if you want to share your favorite places in the community!

Save your producer and enjoy preferred future features as we develop progressively.

Supporting producer in your area, it is also actively involved in enriching your community.

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New members of the community Localement Bon

Discover the new producer who have decided to join Localement Bon. Producing and producers eager to share their products and their expertise to the community.

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Want to eat local?

Click on a product below to view the map Localement Bon and discover all the producers and local producers that offer the direct sale around!

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Localement Bon is a completely free project thanks to our partners!

Localement Bon

Launched in 2020 by William and Matthew.

Powered proudly by Hapify.

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