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1 / A platform to put the local producing at the heart of your consumption

Localementbon.fr was born from an observation: the absence of a simple platform which would reference all the French local producers. It is not possible today for the French to easily access sites of fresh and quality products. Supermarkets dictate our daily consumption.

In a context where French companies are moving in large numbers towards digital, the local production and direct sales sector suffers terribly from a lack of visibility online. The thousands of independent French producers are now invisible to large retailers and we want to help them. Localement Bon is trying to bet to provide a fast and efficient site to help them be visible online.

Because we too are tired of eating clementines from Spain or tomatoes from the Czech Republic. We want to rediscover the pleasure of tasting fresh products close to home.

2 / Support our local producers on a daily basis

Our desire at Localement Bon:Improve the visibility of thousands of French producers who do not have the means or the knowledge to be visible online.

Offer a modern, intuitive platform that responds to a simple browsing experience for producers but also for you consumers.

Propose a platform adapted to mobile supports. You shouldn't need a computer to find a tomato grower near you. A single click on your phone will suffice.

Respond to a consumer who is aware of the limits and dangers of mass distribution. You are now keen to consume a quality product available directly from the source.

3 / Collaboration at the heart of our approach

Our vision: Take part in the adventureOur project: sharing and mutual aid. We want to restore the desire to eat well quickly and simply. We need you to share, suggest and above all add new short circuits on our platform. Localement Bon is free but also and above all has been designed to simplify the lives of users and producers.

The more you share new producers or distributors, the more you contribute to promoting good local products. Our site is also meant to be scalable and everyone can contribute to it. By sharing your feedback, your suggestions or new ideas, you help local producers to have the best possible interface.

4 / A simple and intuitive platform

Localement Bon is a fast and efficient site. Finding a local producer has never been easier. In one click, contact the producers available around you. The project is developed by lovers of good taste but also of technology. After working on our first travel guide, we wanted to combine these two passions on a single platform.

Our desire: to put you directly at the heart of the project.We work intensively to maintain and develop Locally Good. Because our project is also yours, send us your impressions and new ideas to help design the best experience.The return box is available at the bottom of the page!

William & Mathieu

Localement Bon

Launched in 2020 by William and Matthew.

Powered proudly by Hapify.

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